Decorex 2016
Jul 27, 2016

Decorex SA, South Africa’s premier décor, design and lifestyle exhibition showcases in three cities –Durban, Cape Town and Joburg. The décor and design industry’s leading and most trusted brand was founded in 1994, and continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the industry.


As embodied in Decorex SA’s 2016 theme, “Take It Home, Make It Home”, interiors no longer rely solely upon each element within, and the space and architecture around them, but also upon the manner and spirit in which they were created. With this in mind the exhibitions promise visitors – from

consumers to industry professionals – not just infinite take-home products, but also trend-led inspiration, and ideas.

Providing everything the homeowner and industry guests may need to renovate, restore, build or decorate. Decorex SA, which kicks off its Durban leg on 18 March 2016, is a one stop shop for every room in the house and every space around the home. DIY to decorating, state of the art kitchens to bathroom sanctuaries, building materials to furnishing fabrics, furniture to Crockery Decorex SA encourages you to take it home and make it home.

Ravine EC62 - May Colour of the month
May 04, 2016

Ravine is the perfect base colour around which to build a look. It is a contemporary neutral in that it is a great blend of beige and grey.

RW Church is located in Byeollae, a newly developed district near northeast Seoul, Korea. It evokes a feeling, not of a city already completed, but a building on a new landscape somewhere between nature and artificiality, or between creation and extinction.

This cantilevered space is a physical as well as spiritual transition that connects daily life with religion. The chapel creates a sense of peace with a single space, using a slope that is not so steep, evoking the feeling of attending a worship service on a low hill. The subdued light gleaming through the long and narrow clerestory embraces the entire chapel and lends vigor to the static space.

Architect: NAMELESS Architecture
Architects In Charge
: Unchung Na, Sorae Yoo
Team:  Dongjin Park, Wanggeon Kim, Jungho Lee, Jaemin Yoon
Location: Byeollae, South Korea
Area: 3,095.5 sqm / 33,319.7sqft
Photography: © Rohspace / NAMELESS Architecture
Collaborating Architect: Jplus (Jungtaek Lim, Hwataek Jung)
Structural consultant: Mido Structural Consultants
Mechanical consultant: One Engineering
General contractor: Beyond Space Construction
Client: RockWon Church
Completion: 2013

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Strawberry Daquiri - Feb colour of the month
Feb 24, 2016

In 2011, the  Trudo housing corporation held the Woenselwestwedstrijd design competition to revitalise a dilapidated area of Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The brief sought to ‘create an iconic design that improves the image of the neighbourhood of Woensel-West as a place where something special happens’. Baeken MMXII is the hotel project perceived by Bas Termeer which was selected to fill one of sixteen plots dotted along Edisonstraat. Each plot consists of a plinth envisioned by Diederendirrix Architecten, upon which the winning designs have been constructed.

The design was playfully influenced by the late-night goings on of the square. Above the plinth sits a cuboid volume with a striking red exterior, which contrasts against the surrounding pallid apartment blocks. An intricate lace façade canopies over the site, mimicking the proportions of a traditional Dutch house. Designed by Bas Termeer in collaboration with Lace Fence, the laced mesh distorts light and playfully bathes the site in ornate shadows.

Photographs by Martijn Koch

2016 PANTONE Colours of the year
Jan 13, 2016

Pantone has released its 2016 colours of the year, namely Rose Quartz and Serenity. The combination of these two soft, subtle shades promotes a sense of calm and mindfulness.

The contrast between the two colours – warm, pink Rose Quartz juxtaposed against cool blue Serenity – creates a perfect balance, which can be seen in the Element palette of Plascon’s 2016 Colour Forecast.

Use Serenity and Rose Quartz to bring the outside in, mimicking sunrises.



These shades also work well with earthy and textural features such as raw wood, concrete and stone, as well as copper, brass and silver.

The colour combination is also an excellent choice for a nursery as the blend of colours blurs gender stereotypes.

Plascon colours to keep in mind that are similar to Rose Quartz and Serenity are Blushing Bride R5-A2-1 and Spa Blue B5-B1-4.

2016 Plascon Colour Forecast
Aug 06, 2015

The 2016 Plascon Colour Forecast continues a tradition started in 1999, when we launched our first Forecast – a pioneering publication in the South African market. Once again this year’s forecast has been produced in partnership with the colour experts at MIX magazine, a global thought leader in the world of design and interiors. 

The 2016 forecast expresses key directions in colour trends across four themes. These each take the form of a colour palette and décor direction, encompassing not just what the theme looks like, but also the mood and energy evoked by each one.

The 2016 Forecast Themes:

ELEMENT is as a theme that uncovers geological inspiration to explore our relationship with the landscape around us. A palette of soft neutrals, raw surfaces and tonal colours, Element is both luxurious and tactile. Its design expressions include mineral geometry, chalky colours and gradated finishes.

DISCOVERY looks to the skies around us for inspiration, with colours that reflect our astronomical fascination. This palette features cool colours complemented by soothing neutrals and bright colour pops to recreate night-sky starscapes. The design expressions include weightless ombrés, powdery effects and interstellar bands and stripes.

HEIRLOOM looks to that past for indulgent luxury. Rich colour and texture inspires a new classicism in design, with a sensual palette of neutrals and moody tones. Design expressions here include colour treatments that mirror Old Master paintings, a careful balance of light and dark tones, and artful decay in textures.

is bold and bright, taking the energy of the Memphis design movement and channelling into unpretentious and exuberant interiors. A palette of upbeat colours is used here to create lively patterns and surface treatments. Design expressions include geometric motifs, sculptural colour treatment and all-over colour.

The 2016 Colour of the year:
Atlantic Beach B5-B1-1Atlantic beach is an intense blue inspired by the coastal energy of Brazil.  It is a stimulating, refreshing colour that promotes focus and commands respect. Be sure to get your Plascon 2016 Colour forecast from your nearest stockist, you can also see more of the 2016 Colour forecast in the new edition of Plascon Spaces Magazine available at selected food store and book stores now.

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2015 Colour Forecast
Aug 15, 2014


The Global colour trend is seeing a return to basic aesthetics. Product designers are emphasizing the beauty of essential everyday objects. Form and function are moving closer together leading to crafts being celebrated in a multitude of ways. 

When decorating it is also important to consider overall décor designs, finishes and small touches which help inspire the colour palette in a home. Below is a list of 4 key trends:

1. Beautiful basics
2. Mineral essence
3. Fluidity
4. Energetic bloom

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Aug 15, 2014

Evoking an atmosphere of inner city contemplation, Urban Glow explores an ethereal world within an urban environment. The theme is largely inspired by the beauty of sunrise and sunset over a cityscape. The clever use of colours combines faint wisps of colour with stronger graphic accents absorbed by the industrial surroundings. The blend of subtle pastel tones with dark shades creates an engaging yet uplifting feeling.

Key influences: layered colours, ombre and diffused shades, iridescence, geometric shapes and colour blocking.

Aug 21, 2014

The trend for earth-inspired themes breaks new ground in Natural Balance. The use of darker tones of organic greens helps reflect the natural forest environment. This helps inspire interiors whereby walls, floors and ceilings are all immersed in rich, deep colour. Using weathered treatments, mottled patterns and watercolour effects all help influence the overall trend’s aesthetic.

This interpretation of an existing theme evokes a feeling of comfort and tranquillity. In addition, the natural mystery of nature is both soothing and evocative and hints at romantic hideaways.

Key Influences: weathered treatments, gloss sheen, rich colour, metallic accents and tranquil spaces.

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Aug 15, 2014

Vivid expression makes use of a broad spectrum of colours to create a world of exciting extravagance. Our senses are stimulated through the combination of hot tropical hues and neutral organic shades. The overloading of colours and the subsequent heightening of our colour senses helps create an interesting and lively story.


The surface decorations become both indulgent and richly aligned with bold tones and the playful application creates a fun and joyous atmosphere.

Key influences: sensory overload, colour clash, artistic style, mix and match design and playful application.


Have a look at our Vivid Expression stage on the What's on Stage page for more inspiration.

Aug 15, 2014

Tailor made simply delights in the everyday by exploring a quiet luxury. The simple design is appreciated and respected for its honest and thoughtful style approach. The use of familiar objects and everyday materials are combined with warm neutral colours.


In addition, the metallic, concrete and marble enhance the overall effect with a strong tactile effect which offers a depth to the space.

Key influences: comforting colour, familiar objects, hand-crafted items, deluxe finishes and textured surfaces.