The Showroom

How it all started
Feb 06, 2015

The Plascon Living Concepts showroom opened its doors in October 2005. The showroom was considered an industry leader as it was one of the first of its kind to revolutionise the customer experience in the paint industry. The ideology driving the Plascon Living Concepts showroom was to display Plascon’s premium ranges within one beautifully designed and unified multi-sensory environment.


Plascon took pride in displaying the premium products in both a unique and exciting manner. The use of tactile colour blocks helped customers physically interact with the colour choices, while professionally trained colour consultants were on hand to assist and advise our customers.

Technology also played a strong role in adding to Plascon’s already forward thinking approach. Customers were able to easily utilise software that enabled them to experience “before and after’ makeovers in front of their eyes.


As Plascon is continuously pushing the boundaries and forever evolving, it was no surprise that The Plascon Living Concepts showroom was totally upgraded in 2012. This marked the start of The Plascon Spaces Showroom.

Here we are now
Feb 24, 2015

The Plascon Spaces Showroom is located at the inspiring and trendy Design Quarter in Fourways.  The Design Quarter is a melting pot of creativity, designer shops and fantastic eateries. All of which are synonymous with The Plascon Spaces Showroom brand.


The Showroom is aligned and associated with the Plascon Spaces Magazine and turns the pages of the cutting edge magazine into a physical presence at The Showroom.  The ever changing “Stage” at The Showroom offers industry leading designers the opportunity to showcase to customers what the latest design trends are through a visual display area.   

Bright Colourful Future
Feb 06, 2015

The future of The Plascon Spaces Showroom is bright. The Showroom team will strive to keep customers on trend by showcasing the latest designs, paint techniques, colour palettes and concepts.


The Showroom will also play host to various workshops aimed at both customers and designers. Be sure to keep a lookout for these workshops as well as the insightful and exciting monthly Plascon Spaces Showroom Newsletter. The Newsletter is made available to all our loyal customers.


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As we always value your comments and opinions, please do not hesitate to email with regards to our new website or anything that might be on your mind. We always appreciate constructive input and aim to always improve your user experience wherever possible.

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