Jul 29, 2015

Purchase of piece of wood or salvage a piece of wood for your artwork sign

1) Gently sand your wood, using 80gritt sandpaper.

2) Use a damp cloth to wipe off dust.

3) Take a 70cm clean brush, wet it with water and apply long even strokes with the water .

4) Take the same wet brush and apply a thin layer of white Plascon Polvin. We selected white however any colour can be used.

5) Leave to dry for about 20 mins. Polvin is water based and dries fast.

6) Take your photostat copy and trace your image onto your wooden board, using masking tape to keep image in position as well as to prevent the carbon paper from shifting. 6b) Remove carbon and check image.

7) Use a pencil to trace you lettering.

8) Neaten lines and  touch-up image/writing  if and where necessary.

Paint your lettering on your board  in solid black Plascon Polvin or a colour if you want to create another colour scheme other than black and white.

Leave to dry for half an hour. Do not sand is still wet.

Gently sand over the entire surface with 80 or 100 grit sandpaper to create a distressed weathered effect.


Final step which is not necessary if you do not want the sign to appear weathered

12) Mix an antique wash and apply over your work (mix 50% Mud Bath Y2-E1-1 POLVIN paint with 50% water.)

13) Dip a piece of cloth into the solution and wipe over your sign washing the base colour and writing so that it looks like it has an aged patina.

Tip 2: OMBRE
Oct 01, 2014

A French term meaning "shaded". This is normally a multi-coloured stripe with colours graduating from light to dark. The overall colour effect is generally created by arranging the different tones in the colour warp. Ombre is often referred to as variant of tie-dye, but it is a lot more than this. Ombre brings a bohemian-casual to home décor, with a touch of chic.

Ombre can be dressed up to appear more sophisticated and elegant. This certainly does not just apply to fabrics. Current trend sees Ombre being used for mediums such as paint and tiles - this being applied to bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms in a home.

Tip 3: Anne Roselt on summer colours
Dec 20, 2014

Edition 15 of Plascon Spaces Magazine is full of interesting and helpful DIY tips. The magazine also features Plascon’s Colour manager, Anne Roselt, who specifically talks colour. This and lots more in this exciting issue.

Tip 4: Baby Room make over
Sep 26, 2014

In this edition of Expresso, presenter Ewan teams up with Claire Bond from Plascon Spaces Showroom. Claire assists Alison, mom to be, and helps her give a makeover to the new baby’s room.